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Zhatkin Dmitry Nikolaevich, Doctor of philological sciences, professor, head of sub-department of interpretation and translation science, Penza State Technological Academy, fellow of the International Academy of sciences of the pedagogical education, Russian Writers’ Union member, Russian Journalists’ Union member,
Ilyazova Elena Igorevna, Lecturer, sub-department of interpretation and translation science, Penza State Technological Academy, 

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It is stated in the article, that the revival of the interest to the creation of the English poet-priest Georges Crabbe, who is popular in Russia in the 1830-ies, but completely forgotten in 1840-ies, was possible in the middle of the 1850-ies owing to activities of the well-knowing critic and translator A. V. Druzhinin, who cooperated with N. A. Nekrasov and his “Sovremennik” in the early period of his literary biography and made popular the achievements of the English literature, and he wrote the cycle of articles about Crabbe’s life and poems. The cycle included, in addition, prose translations of passages from works of the British author. He leaved references and records about Crabbe in articles, devoted to the analyses of Walter Scott, L. N. Tolstoy works and others. The influence of articles of A. V. Druzhinin caused the attention to Georges Crabbe’s creation from the side of N. A. Nekrasov and the Russian translators N. V. Gerbel and D. E. Min. 

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Georges Crabbe, Russian-English literary and historic-cultural connections, poetry, literary criticism, reception, tradition, inter-cultural communication.

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